BFONS Magnetic Stove Shelf Review

BFONS Magnetic Stove Shelf Review: Worth the Space?

We recently got our hands on the BFONS Magnetic Stove Top Shelf, and it’s fair to say it’s a space-saving wonder for the kitchen.

With its clever magnetic design, there’s no need for tools or hardware – it simply attaches to the top of the stove. It’s versatile too, coming with two detachable partitions that can be rearranged to fit your seasoning storage needs.

What we found particularly appealing was how well it clung to our stove, owing to the six embedded magnets that anchor it firmly in place. Even for non-metal stoves, there were handy metal stickers provided to ensure compatibility.

The silicone material is a bonus, being food-safe and resistant to high temperatures, which is crucial for any kitchen gadget that lives near the heat of the stove.

BFONS Magnetic Stove Shelf Review

Despite its flimsy feel, which we initially were skeptical about, the shelf holds up well. Everything we placed on it stayed put, thanks to the thoughtful non-slip texture at the bottom and the raised lip around the edges that keep spices from tumbling down.

Bottom Line

If maximizing kitchen space and organizing spices are high on your list, the BFONS Magnetic Stove Top Shelf is a solid choice.

Its ease of installation, flexibility in use, and heat-resistant material make it a practical addition to the kitchen.

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Discover the Space-Saving Benefits of the BFONS 30″ Magnetic Stove Top Shelf

We recently introduced the 30″ Magnetic Stove Top Shelf to our kitchen lineup and we’ve noticed some distinct advantages.

Its space-saving design gave us additional room to store our spices and cooking essentials right where we need them—within arm’s reach. The shelf’s magnetic feature meant zero installation hassle, and it stayed firmly in place atop our stove, even when we accidentally nudged it while bustling around the kitchen.

The two detachable partitions provided us with the freedom to organize our spices in a way that made sense for our cooking habits. We could keep salt and pepper on one side, herbs and seasonings on the other, or configure it to fit larger containers.

One thing we found was that while the silicone material made it easy to clean up spills, it did have a bit of flex to it. This meant that heavier items needed to be placed carefully to avoid tipping. Surprisingly, the shelf’s lip prevented items from sliding off, a simple yet effective design feature we appreciated.

Magnetic Attachment for Effortless Installation

We recently had the opportunity to test out the magnetic installation feature of the BFONS stove top shelf, which boasts a surprisingly straightforward set-up process.

The inclusion of six strong magnets underneath the shelf meant that we could easily secure it onto our stove top with minimal effort. It stayed firmly in place, even when we accidentally knocked it while bustling around the kitchen.

One of the biggest highlights for us was the absence of any need for tools or additional hardware. The product also arrived with metal stickers which provided flexibility for those with non-metal stoves, ensuring that the convenience of the magnetic attachment can be appreciated by all.

While we valued the ease of installation, we did notice that the magnetic hold, although strong, might not withstand a significant knock or jostle. This wasn’t a significant concern during our use, but it’s something to keep in mind for households with active pets or children.

The idea behind this effortless installation is commendable, making the BFONS rack an attractive option for those looking to simplify their kitchen organization without the hassle of a complicated set-up.

Optimized for Most Stove Types

In our experience, the BFONS Magnetic Stove Top Shelf proves to be a versatile addition to any kitchen.

Its magnetic nature allows for a firm attachment to several types of stoves, especially those with a metal exterior. The silicone top, a clever design choice, provides a heat-resistant surface to safely hold spices and utensils while you cook.

Although the unit is well-suited for many stove types, users with non-magnetic stoves will need to seek alternative placement options as the shelf’s magnetic properties are essential for secure mounting. This minor limitation aside, the flexibility and practical design make it a handy kitchen organizer, provided your stove supports magnetic accessories.

Premium Food-Grade Silicone Material

In our experience with kitchen accessories, the material often makes a significant difference, and with the BFONS Stove Top Shelf, it’s the high-quality food-grade silicone that stands out.

This shelf isn’t just a storage solution; it’s a testament to practicality and safety. Having recently used this shelf, we found that it holds up well against high temperatures – a necessary feature when it’s sitting atop a stove. The silicone resists heat up to 428 ℉, so there’s no concern about any melting or warping while cooking.

Cleaning usually becomes a chore, but with the BFONS, it’s remarkably easy. Spills and splatters wipe right off thanks to the waterproof and non-toxic silicone, which is also a breeze to maintain.

Unlike other materials that may harbor bacteria or degrade over time, this silicone shows resilience, continuing to look new even after repeated use.

As for the design, it incorporates a thoughtful non-slip texture. During a lively cooking session, we noticed that the spice containers stayed put, with no slipping or sliding. This attention to detail extends to the safety of kitchen spices, ensuring they don’t end up on your stove or floor.

While we appreciate the functional aspects of the silicone used in this product, we did notice that flexibility is a double-edged sword.

It’s soft and pliable, which means it molds to the stove top with ease. However, this same feature might mean it doesn’t provide a rigid, sturdy platform for heavier items. Users will have to judge what they store on this magnetic shelf to best utilize its design and material.

Innovative Design to Keep Spices Secure

After recently giving the kitchen a tidy-up, we came across the BFONS Stove Top Shelf Spice Rack, a real space-saver for those crowded countertops.

The magnetic feature of this rack is quite impressive—boasting six sturdy magnets that hold it firmly to the stove. We appreciated the convenience of not needing any tools or additional hardware to set it up; it simply clings on and stays put.

The two independent partitions are a clever touch, providing flexibility for organizing spices while keeping everything accessible. Whether you need to detach or rearrange the segments, it’s really handy to customize the space according to your spice collection.

When it comes to compatibility, the rack’s adaptable size means it won’t discriminate against stove types.

Our main takeaway here is the silicone top, which is a thoughtful design aspect giving the product a heat-resistant property. This proves exceptionally useful, as there’s no need to panic when a pot’s steaming away; the spices and the rack remain unscathed.

The ledge around the rack is another noteworthy feature. It acts as a barrier that prevents jars and bottles from sliding off—a small but crucial detail for those of us who have experienced the unpleasant surprise of spices hitting the floor.

The texture on the bottom, ensuring a non-slip grip, is one of those finer points that might not get much glory, but once you use the rack, its value becomes clear. It provides peace of mind that the spices won’t journey off the shelf in the throes of cooking.

In a nutshell, this BFONS rack offers a practical and reliable solution to the commonly cluttered kitchen.

The only caveat is, while it’s great at preventing falls and spills, it isn’t a miracle worker for organization. The rack requires a touch of personal finesse to keep those spices in line. It’s a solid organizer that we’ve found to be both dependable and adaptable—qualities not to be overlooked in a bustling kitchen environment.

Pros and Cons


After incorporating this magnetic stove top shelf into our kitchen routine, we’ve noticed an impressive difference in our spice organization. The rack’s ability to save space is significant—its segmented design allows for customizable arrangements.

What stands out is the strong magnetization, offering stable, zero-installation convenience. For non-metal stoves, the included metal stickers are an ingenious solution, ensuring compatibility across stove types.

The flexibility to accommodate both flat and slightly curved stoves speaks to the shelf’s universal design. Being crafted from food-grade silicone, not only does it withstand temperatures up to 428 ℉, but it also promises durability and easy cleaning.

The lip around the edges is a thoughtful detail that keeps spices secure, preventing any kitchen mishaps. Lastly, the non-slip texture at the base has provided us with additional peace of mind—nothing shifts out of place, even amidst the hustle of cooking.


While the product offers notable benefits, it also has its drawbacks. Despite its sturdy magnetization, the two-piece configuration of the shelf can be a disadvantage. The division can cause a slight reduction in usable space and may interrupt the shelf’s streamlined appearance.

Another issue we’ve encountered is the product’s flexibility. Though typically an asset, the silicone’s softness can become a liability when heavier items are placed near the edges—we’ve had to be cautious with placement to avoid sagging.

Moreover, some of us found that the silicone tends to attract grease, which requires frequent cleaning to maintain its look.

Lastly, the product’s performance on non-metal stoves, even with the metal stickers, isn’t fail-safe. The rack has a tendency to shift more easily than we’d like, leading to some concern about stability when laden with spices and cooking essentials. It’s important to note that this may vary depending on the specific stove material and users should ensure their stove’s compatibility before purchase.

Real User Insights: Customer Reviews

Having spent time with the BFONS stove top shelf, we’ve noticed how it keeps the cooking area neat.

The magnetic design is a clever touch, ensuring a tight grip on the stove top—no slips or slides. Many of us found it to be a perfect fit for our stoves, and the strength of the magnets seems consistent across numerous experiences.

On the flip side, while its two-piece design makes it versatile, some of us would have preferred a single, unsegmented shelf to maximize space. The silicone material, while heat-resistant, was subject to criticism from a few of us for being too flexible, particularly around the edges where stability is key for heavier items.

For homemakers looking to maximize space, this shelf is a welcome addition. Its ability to hold multiple spice jars securely is a significant benefit. However, others among us had issues with the material’s tendency to attract grease, making it less ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance solution.

Overall, the BFONS shelf acts as a functional space-saver in our kitchens. Although it isn’t perfect—some find it too flimsy or would prefer a sturdier build—the general consensus is that it’s a helpful gadget for keeping essential seasonings within arm’s reach.


After considerable use, we’ve found the BFONS Magnetic Stove Top Shelf to be a handy addition to the kitchen.

Its stronghold magnets ensure it stays in place, and it serves well in keeping our stovetop organized. The silicone material, while somewhat flexible, can be a double-edged sword; it’s great for protecting the stove finish but may not provide the rigidity some users desire.

We appreciate the ease of access it provides to spices and utensils, acting as a functional space-saver. However, it may not be suited for everyone—an important note is that it requires a magnetic surface to function properly. Those with non-magnetic stovetops should consider this before purchasing.

We’ve also observed that it can attract grease, and while this doesn’t affect functionality, it might add to the cleaning routine. The partition at the center can be seen as a smart design for modular use or as a minor inconvenience for those preferring a single unobstructed shelf.

Ultimately, it’s useful for those in need of extra space and sturdy enough to hold up a reasonable number of items. It complements a magnetic stovetop well and does what it is designed to do—though, for some, the flexibility may require a compromise.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some of the most common queries we received about the BFONS Shelf and provided our candid thoughts and findings based on personal experience and thorough research.

How does the BFONS Magnetic Stove Top Shelf hold up to high temperatures?

Our experience with the shelf has shown that the high-quality food-grade silicone is quite resilient. The manufacturer claims it can withstand temperatures up to 428 °F (220 °C). It’s reassuring that spices and seasonings remain safe, and there’s no risk of the material melting or deforming during our cooking sessions. It keeps everything secure even when we’re simmering or sautéing at high temperatures.

What is the weight capacity of the BFONS Spice Rack Storage?

While we didn’t find the exact weight capacity listed, we’ve loaded it with a variety of common kitchen spices and found it holds up well. We observed it comfortably supports full-sized spice jars and even smaller bottles of oils or vinegars. When fully loaded with around 14 items, the magnetic hold remained secure, suggesting a commendable weight capacity for everyday use.

Can the shelf be easily removed and cleaned?

Yes, cleaning is a breeze. The silicone material of the spice rack makes it simple to wipe down with warm water. Its detachable nature means we can take it off the stove without any hassle, clean it thoroughly, and then reattach it just as effortlessly. This is particularly helpful after a busy cooking day or when a spill has occurred.

Is the BFONS Magnetic Stove Top Shelf compatible with all stove types?

We’ve tried it on different stoves and can confirm that it accommodates both flat and slightly curved stoves, owing to its flexibility. For non-magnetic stoves, metal stickers are provided, enhancing its compatibility. Remember to measure your stove to ensure a perfect fit, as this rack is designed to suit most, but possibly not all, stove sizes.

What are the dimensions of the spice rack, and will it fit in a small kitchen?

The total dimensions are 303.50.59 inches, making it a long, narrow shelf that doesn’t protrude too much into the cooking space. Whether you’ve got a snug kitchen or a spacious one, the sleek design of the shelf seems to integrate well without taking over valuable space, maintaining a neat and organized look.

Are the materials used for the BFONS Shelf rust-resistant and durable?

The materials include silicone and iron, which are known for their longevity and resistance to rust. The plastic used for the magnetic attachment parts also adds to the shelf’s overall durability. From our usage, it’s clear that the shelf is built to last, maintaining its integrity and appearance over time, even in the humid environment of a busy kitchen.

Each of these aspects contributes to our overall positive impression of the BFONS Magnetic Stove Top Shelf, but it’s important to consider the product’s specifics in relation to your individual kitchen requirements and preferences.

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