HP Newest 15.6 Inch HD Laptop Review

HP Newest 15.6 Inch HD Laptop Review: Worth the Buy?

When it comes to finding a laptop that strikes a balance between affordability and capability, the latest HP 15.6 inch HD Laptop packs a punch.

From our usage, we can report that this vibrant Scarlet Red machine is built to tackle the daily demands of business and college life, powered by an Intel Core Pentium N200 processor.

Maintaining productivity is a breeze with its 16GB of RAM, allowing seamless multitasking. Whether it’s juggling between spreadsheets, presentations, or multiple browser tabs, this laptop has you covered.

We noticed the display lends itself well to long study sessions and relaxation with your favorite shows.

HP Newest 15.6 Inch HD Laptop Review

One consideration is the 1366 x 768 resolution—adequate for most tasks but not the crispest on offer.

The laptop’s portability is commendable, making it an excellent choice for on-the-go productivity. The array of connectivity options including HDMI and USB ports, alongside a robust battery life, facilitates uninterrupted work and play.

Bottom Line

Those in the market for a reliable laptop that won’t break the bank will find the HP 15.6 inch HD Laptop a worthy contender.

With ample memory, processor efficiency, and a bold aesthetic, it’s tailored for both the classroom and the boardroom.

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HP Newest 15.6 Inch HD Laptop Overview

Having spent some time with the HP 15.6 inch HD laptop, we’ve experienced firsthand its capacity to handle everyday tasks with ease.

The scarlet red chassis is not only eye-catching, but it also houses a machine that deftly manages multitasking and runs applications smoothly, thanks to the Intel Core Pentium N200 processor.

The screen’s HD resolution is easy on the eyes, whether we are streaming or browsing, though we acknowledge it’s not the top of the line in terms of screen resolution. Still, the colors and brightness are suitable for most tasks.

Its 16GB of RAM allows us to work with several applications open without noticing any lag, which proves to be a real productivity booster.

Storage is no issue with its combination of 128GB UFS and 256GB USB storage. It’s plenty of room for all our documents, media, and more, and we appreciate the quick data access it offers.

Sure, we’ve noticed areas that might underwhelm the more tech-savvy, like the absence of a higher-end screen or a dedicated graphics card. Yet, for what it’s designed to be—a business and college-oriented device—this laptop delivers.

Connectivity options are solid with both HDMI and USB ports, and the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities connect us easily to the internet and other devices.

It’s light enough to carry around all day, and with a battery life of up to 11 hours for video playback, we don’t always have to be tethered to an outlet.

15.6 Inch HD Display

Having spent considerable time working and streaming on this laptop, the 15.6 inch screen has some noticeable pros and cons.

We found the HD resolution beneficial for daily tasks such as document editing and web browsing. However, creative professionals or those who consume media regularly may find the 1366 x 768 pixels limitation a bit underwhelming when compared to full HD or higher resolution options.

The real estate offered by the 15.6 inch size is commendable, making multitasking more feasible without feeling cramped. For business or college work, this display size hits a sweet spot between portability and the space needed to have multiple windows open side by side.

In our experience, the color reproduction and brightness levels were adequate for indoor use.

Although, when using the device in brightly lit environments, the screen could be prone to glare, which is a common issue for many laptops in this category.

It’s also worth noting that the integrated graphics support casual gaming and video playback without any significant issues, but don’t expect it to handle intensive graphics work.

Intel Core Pentium N200 Processor

Having put the N200 processor through its paces, we found that it stands as a solid choice for everyday computing needs.

Its quad-core design enables multitasking with a noticeable smoothness in day-to-day tasks. When it comes to handling office work or college assignments, efficiency is key, and the N200 doesn’t disappoint.

Web browsing and video streaming on this processor are fluid, showing no signs of lag or stutter.

However, it’s essential to set realistic expectations—this isn’t a powerhouse meant for heavy gaming or intensive graphic design.

We experienced limitations when pushing it with more demanding applications; the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 605 is suitable for basic tasks but falls short for advanced 3D rendering or high-end gaming.

The balance of performance and price makes the N200 a practical choice for users seeking a budget-friendly laptop that can competently manage general use.

The compromise on graphical prowess is understandable, considering the accessible price point and the targeted user base who may prioritize productivity over gaming proficiency.

Our time with the N200 has shown that it caters well to a casual user’s needs without denting the wallet.

Ample Memory and Storage

In our experience, having a laptop that keeps pace with multitasking demands is crucial, and the HP 15 manages to do just that with its generous memory and storage configuration.

We found the 16GB of DDR4 RAM to be quite sufficient for everyday tasks, such as browsing with multiple tabs open, handling office applications, and streaming content.

What really grabbed our attention is the combination of storage solutions.

It features 128GB of UFS storage along with an additional 256GB available through USB. While the UFS provides faster data access speeds, which is noticeable when booting up or launching applications, the extra USB storage means flexibility for additional files and media.

Some may find the total storage of 384GB to be on the lower end especially for users with extensive media libraries or those who work with large files.

However, for typical business or college workloads, this storage capacity, paired with the cloud storage options provided by the included 1-year Microsoft 365 subscription, can be more than adequate.

Our hands-on with the HP 15 revealed no hiccups in performance.

However, the lack of an optical drive may be a downside for some. Despite this, the laptop remains a good companion for those who prefer a balance between performance and storage versatility without breaking the bank.

Complimentary 1-Year Microsoft 365 Subscription

One of the standout features that caught our attention is the complimentary 1-year Microsoft 365 subscription that comes with this HP laptop.

Right out of the box, we get access to essential productivity tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

For us, this addition is a huge bonus, especially for college work or business tasks, as it saves the hassle and cost of purchasing the subscription separately.

However, it’s worth noting that this offer is particularly valuable if you rely heavily on these applications for your day-to-day activities.

The integration of Microsoft 365 with Windows 11 on this device ensures a smooth experience.

We could seamlessly jump between writing reports, crunching numbers in spreadsheets, and designing presentations without a single hiccup in performance.

Remember, after the first year, if you find the suite indispensable, you’ll need to renew the subscription. While this is a common practice, it’s something to budget for in the future.

For us, the inclusion of this one-year subscription is a thoughtful touch, making it an ideal purchase for those aiming to be productive right after unboxing.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to laptops, it’s important for us to weigh the benefits and drawbacks to ensure we make the right choice. We had the pleasure of using the HP Newest 15.6 Inch HD Laptop and here’s our take on what works well and what doesn’t.


  • Vibrant Display: The 15.6-inch HD screen is quite impressive. Its visual quality is a boon, especially when streaming content or working on detailed projects.
  • Multitasking Capability: With an Intel Core Pentium N200 processor and a robust 16GB of RAM, we experienced smooth multitasking. Juggling between applications was a breeze without any noticeable lag.
  • Storage Space: The combo of 128GB UFS and an additional 256GB USB storage gives ample room for all sorts of files and media, which came in very handy.
  • Microsoft 365 Subscription: It comes with a year of Microsoft 365, which proved invaluable for managing documents and staying productive.
  • User-friendly Windows 11 Home: Transitioning to regular Windows 11 from S mode was straightforward, following simple steps provided.


  • Average Battery Life: Although the laptop charges quickly, the battery life doesn’t last as long as we’d hoped, putting a bit of a damper on its portability.
  • Limited USB Ports: Having an additional USB port would be beneficial. The current number seems insufficient for some of our multitasking needs.
  • Quality Control Issues: Some users have reported problems such as system updates leading to memory failure. This suggests that there might be inconsistency in product quality.
  • Customer Satisfaction: With a varied range of reviews, there’s a sense that experiences differ markedly – some find it excellent, while others encounter issues right out of the box.

Windows 11 Home User Experience

Upon exploring Windows 11 Home on the HP 15, we found the operating system to be a blend of familiar and new.

The refreshed interface is intuitive, offering a cleaner, more straightforward user experience. Snap layouts and virtual desktops have profoundly improved multitasking capabilities, allowing us to organize windows and optimize screen real estate easily.

One standout feature is the centered taskbar and Start menu, which can initially feel different but quickly becomes second nature.

The integration with Microsoft 365, which comes free for a year, has enormously bolstered our productivity, providing access to vital office tools right out of the box.

However, we also encountered some areas that might need some getting used to or could be improved.

For those accustomed to older Windows versions, the learning curve can be steep with the new settings and features.

Additionally, while the operating system generally operates smoothly, there have been user reports of occasional software hiccups that could be ironing out with future updates.

In essence, Windows 11 Home on the HP 15 offers a fresh take on a familiar system, enhancing productivity and ease of use, but it’s not without its minor hitches that new users should be aware of.

Portability and Battery Life

When looking at the portability of this HP laptop, it’s commendable how the design accommodates on-the-go use.

Weighing under 4 pounds, it’s relatively light compared to similar models, making it a solid choice for day-to-day travel, like commuting to school or the workplace.

Additionally, the slim profile of just 0.78 inches ensures it can slip into most bags without the bulk.

However, a crucial facet is the battery life.

Our usage aligns with the advertised 8.5 hours, providing a full work or school day on a single charge under typical conditions. This takes away the constant search for power outlets through the day, which we found to be a significant plus.

We must mention, though, that more intensive tasks do draw more power, and thus can shorten this duration.

While the laptop supports swift charging—getting it back to full power promptly is crucial—we noticed that the battery tends to drain faster when handling demanding applications.

In summary, it delivers a balance of lightweight design and decent battery life, making it viable for users who value mobility alongside moderate usage time.

Customer Reviews

After spending some time with the HP 15.6 Inch HD Laptop, it’s apparent that user experiences are mixed. With a 3.7-star rating across 11 total reviews, opinions vary.

Some users report that the laptop’s speed and ease of use stand out, making it a solid choice for business and college tasks. However, other customers have expressed dissatisfaction, notably with unexpected issues for a product sold as new.

One of the positive aspects mentioned is the laptop’s portability, although a recommendation for an additional USB port suggests that connectivity options could be improved.

Users have complimented the machine’s rapid charging capabilities, but also observed that the battery life depletes quickly.

There have been instances of technical troubles, such as memory failures during system updates, which is concerning for reliability. Clearly, while the laptop has its strengths, prospective buyers should consider the possibility of running into some problems.

This HP model, in its eye-catching Scarlet Red, represents a balance of attractive features and potential drawbacks.


After spending some quality time with the HP laptop, we’ve gathered that it offers a decent blend of performance and convenience, particularly for business and college tasks. The integrated Intel Core Pentium processor paired with 16GB of RAM handles everyday activities relatively well.

However, we did encounter limitations with the storage capacity—a combination of a 128GB UFS and a 256GB USB drive might require careful space management or external solutions for heavy users.

The laptop’s lightweight design is a bonus for those on the move, but the addition of another USB port would enhance its functionality.

While the battery life is not outstanding, as it depletes rather quickly, the fast charging capability does offset this to a degree.

Users should be aware of varied experiences as some report issues with system updates and memory failures. With a rating of 3.7, it’s clear that experiences with this HP laptop can be mixed.

Still, the Scarlet Red color adds a touch of personality that might appeal to those looking to stand out. Ultimately, this device could be a viable option for casual use, provided potential buyers are prepared for a few compromises.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to choosing a new laptop, we understand that there are plenty of questions that come to mind. We’ve had our hands on the HP Newest 15.6 Inch HD Laptop, and based on our experience and the data available, we’ll tackle some common inquiries.

What are the key features of the HP Newest 15.6 Inch HD Laptop?

One of the standout features we’ve noticed is the HD display, which makes every image and video pop with clarity.

With an Intel Core Pentium N200 processor, multitasking is a breeze, allowing us to switch between applications without lag. The 16GB of RAM is quite generous, making our experience smooth, and the combined 384GB storage means we never had to worry about space for our files.

Additionally, the one-year Microsoft 365 subscription is a welcome bonus for productivity.

How does the battery life of the HP 15.6” Touchscreen Laptop compare to other models?

We put the battery to the test and found it to be quite enduring. The up to 11 hours of video playback is impressive, though actual usage time will vary depending on tasks and settings.

Compared to other models in a similar range, this HP laptop keeps up well, allowing for significant work or play time away from a power source.

Can the HP 15.6” laptop with Intel Core i7 and 16GB memory handle intensive tasks?

Although the model we reviewed is powered by an Intel Pentium processor rather than an i7, it’s still capable of handling everyday intensive tasks.

Our experience with editing documents, streaming content, and browsing the web was seamless, without any noticeable system strain. However, it’s not meant for high-end gaming or professional video editing, so setting expectations accordingly is essential.

What improvements are made in the latest HP 15.6 inch laptop series?

In this latest model, the improved processor allows for better performance when multitasking. The portability factor is also enhanced with a design that’s sleek and lightweight, carrying it around was an easy affair for us.

The storage upgrade is another improvement, providing plenty of room for various applications and files.

How is the build quality and durability of the HP 15 Series Laptops rated by users?

From what we’ve gathered and our time with the laptop, users rate the build quality to be solid for the price point.

The laptop’s design feels sturdy, and we’ve not encountered any issues with the daily wear and tear of normal use. The Scarlet Red color adds a touch of flair that stands out in a crowd of usual silver and black laptops.

What type of warranty or support options are available for the HP Laptop 15?

HP offers a standard warranty for this laptop, which covers any manufacturing defects for a certain period after purchase.

Our review unit came with clear information on how to access HP’s customer support for any potential troubleshooting or warranty claims.

Having reliable support options is crucial and HP seems to understand that well.

Our overall impression is that, for those looking for a productive, everyday machine, this HP laptop is a strong contender.

We do wish, however, it offered a Full HD display and that users had easier access to upgrade options for RAM and storage.

Keep these points in mind as you consider if this HP Newest 15.6 Inch HD Laptop meets your needs.

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