GE Outlet Extender Review

GE Outlet Extender Review: Top Surge Protector Choice?

Tired of juggling multiple chargers and squinting in the dark to find the outlet? We just tested the HANYCONY Outlet Extender with its integrated night light and believe it might be the space-saving solution for you.

It’s a surge protector that not only expands one socket into five but also offers additional USB charging including a Type-C port—handy for charging a multitude of devices at once from a single outlet.

The night light feature of this outlet extender is a game-changer for those midnight wanderings. It illuminates automatically in low light conditions, ensuring that you always find your way without any harsh brightness to disturb your sleep.

Having this in our own bedrooms and office, the soothing glow and the convenience of extra charging ports had us wondering how we ever did without it.

GE Outlet Extender Review

While the device boasts quick charge capabilities, the spacing between each AC outlet is what caught our attention. There’s enough room to plug in bulky adapters without them fighting for space—a rare feature in traditional power strips.

About safety, the built-in surge protection gives us peace of mind that our gadgets are secure from electrical spikes.

Bottom Line

For those in need of a multifunctional outlet solution, the HANYCONY Outlet Extender stands out. Its combination of surge protection, a soft-touch night light, and wide-space charging options adapt to all your electronic needs without clutter.

Consider adding this to your home or office setup for a tidy and efficient power station. Seize the convenience of the HANYCONY Outlet Extender today!

Overview: Outlet Extender with Night Light, USB Wall Charger Surge Protector

When we set out to find a solution for our crowded outlets and dimly lit spaces, this nifty device seemed to tick the boxes. The HANYCONY outlet extender brought convenience right where we needed it.

Its sleek design wasn’t just about aesthetics; it provided ample space to accommodate bulky adapters without blocking adjacent outlets.

The added bonus of a night light that activates in low light conditions was a thoughtful touch. We found the light to be unobtrusive and gentle, ensuring a disturbance-free sleep.

Charging our gadgets became less of a hassle with the multiple USB ports – a real win especially for USB-C devices which recharged at commendable speeds.

Safety-wise, we were put at ease with the built-in surge protection, confidently keeping our devices plugged in during electrical spikes.

And, when it comes to reliability, it’s comforting to know there’s protection against common power issues like short-circuits and overheating.

One small hiccup we noticed was stability when plugging and unplugging devices; it could be firmer against the wall.

And, in the rare event of a power surge, some of us experienced the extender ceasing to function which, although inconvenient, is a testament to its protective design kicking in.

Night Light Feature

Amidst a myriad of outlets and USB ports, the night light functionality stands out on this outlet extender.

In our experience, the light sensor does its job, automatically illuminating when the room’s ambient light dips low. This smart feature ensures no fumbling in the dark for a charger or switch.

The added convenience of the touch sensor on top allows us to turn the night light on or off manually, a boon for those of us who might be light-sensitive while sleeping.

The light emitted is a soft, warm glow—just enough to guide you without being disruptive.

From a practical standpoint, the 360° design illuminates from all angles, which has been a subtle yet nifty feature in our nighttime trips to the kitchen or bathroom.

It’s clear that thought went into making the night light unobtrusive and effective, balancing visibility with comfort.

Smart Charging Technology

In our experience with this outlet extender, the smart charging capabilities stood out as a key feature.

We especially appreciated how the USB-C port seemed to adapt the charging speed to our devices, providing a quick and efficient power boost up to a max of 5V/3A. This feature proved handy for charging gadgets that support fast charging, as it negated the need for multiple adapters.

However, it’s worth noting that the USB-C port is not suitable for devices requiring a higher voltage for charging. This limitation may affect those who own such devices.

While the total 3.1A output across all USB ports may seem adequate for simultaneous charging, it’s important to remember that the distribution of power can vary depending on the number of devices plugged in.

The smart integration of this feature within the charging ports shows a thoughtful design, optimizing charge times in a safe and convenient manner, which is essential in our busy lives.

Surge Protection Capabilities

Having recently plugged in several devices into this outlet extender, one feature we found particularly reassuring was its surge protection.

In an era where electronics are both indispensable and delicate, safeguarding them from sudden spikes in voltage is critical. The HANYCONY extender offers this essential function.

This protection feature is not just a selling point but a necessity; as we’ve observed, unexpected power surges can occur, and the potential damage they pose to attached devices—from smartphones to desktop computers—can be significant.

Fortunately, the surge protection mechanism in this extender is designed to bear the brunt of such unforeseen power spikes, hence reducing the risk to our devices.

However, it’s important to note that no surge protector offers absolute invulnerability.

In our experience, the HANYCONY extender handled typical fluctuations admirably, providing a level of defense that left us at peace, especially during thunderstorms and other high-risk periods.

Design and Build Quality

From our hands-on experience, the durability and craftsmanship of this outlet extender are impressive.

Its sturdy white exterior meshes well with most home and office decor, and the thoughtful design incorporating both a USB C and multiple USB A ports reflects consideration for current and future charging needs.

The surge protector feature is a standout, signaling a focus on safety and longevity for our connected devices.

The inclusion of one-touch night light functionality is a nice touch—it’s unobtrusive yet provides ample light to navigate a dark room, automatically engaging when the light dims.

The balance between safety measures like overload protection and practical design aspects, such as wide-spacing between outlets, showcases careful attention to user needs.

However, the size of the unit does demand a fair bit of wall space, which could be a drawback in tightly-packed power scenarios.

But with an all-in-one solution like this, we found fewer reasons to cling to additional power strips or chargers, affirming its practicality in our daily use.

Overall, the build quality feels strong enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use without showing immediate wear.

Pros and Cons

When looking for a versatile charging solution, we’ve found that the HANYCONY Outlet Extender is a handy tool to have around. It cleverly combines power sockets and USB ports with the added convenience of a night light.


  • Space-Saving Design: The device smartly expands a single outlet into 10 potential plug-ins, which is ideal for cluttered areas or when you have multiple devices to charge. The outlets and USB ports are well-spaced, accommodating even bulky adapters without issue.
  • Integrated Night Light: The 360° night light feature is designed to automatically illuminate in low-light conditions. It’s a thoughtful touch that negates the need for separate plug-in night lights, freeing up outlets.
  • USB C Charging: Among the available USB ports, one is a USB-C with fast charging capabilities. It’s a contemporary must-have for new gadgets, ensuring a quick power boost when we’re in a hurry.
  • Surge Protection: We appreciate the built-in surge protection which offers peace of mind, knowing our electronics are guarded against power spikes. It’s a critical feature that adds a layer of security to our devices.
  • Safety Features: The ETL certification is reassuring, and other safety protections like overload and short-circuit prevention mean that we can use this device with confidence in various settings, from home to office spaces.


  • Installation Stability: Some of us have noticed that the unit can wobble when interacting with plugs, suggesting it may not sit completely flush against the wall. This might lead to concerns about durability over time.
  • Night Light Longevity: Although the night light is a pro, its lifespan seems inconsistent. A few of us have experienced it burning out prematurely, which can be frustrating when you’ve come to rely on it.
  • Manual Control Sensitivity: The touch sensor that controls the night light manually, while convenient, can be overly sensitive. It takes some getting used to, to avoid unintentional adjustments.
  • USB-C Compatibility: It’s important to note that the USB-C port is not suitable for all devices, particularly those requiring a higher charging voltage. This could limit its utility depending on what devices we have.

Customer Reviews

After incorporating this outlet extender into our daily life, we’ve found it’s an asset for any modern home. Many users have conveyed their satisfaction, appreciating the night light feature and the multitude of charging options.

It’s clear this little device has become indispensable for those looking to declutter charging areas. A common commendation we’ve noticed centers around its convenience and the significant number of ports.

However, it isn’t without its drawbacks.

A handful of users have experienced issues with durability, with some extender units ceasing to work shortly after purchase. The design has also received criticism; it isn’t completely stable against the wall, leading to wobbling during use.

Despite these concerns, the overall sentiment from users is positive.

It’s important to note the surge protector function that brings peace of mind to users during power fluctuations—definitely a keystone feature.

Our takeaway: it serves its purpose well, but keep an eye out for any potential hiccups in performance.


After spending some time with HANYCONY’s outlet extender, we’ve found it to be a convenient solution to the common problem of insufficient outlets.

It’s a neat device that comfortably fits into home or office settings, especially in older buildings where outlets are scarce.

The built-in night light is a thoughtful touch, providing a soft glow that is perfect for navigating dark hallways during nighttime.

In our use, we appreciated the mix of AC outlets and USB ports – including a USB-C, ensuring modern devices can be charged without additional adapters.

The experience wasn’t flawless, though. While the night light failed prematurely in one of our units, the overall functionality remained unaffected.

Our major concern arose when one unit ceased to function after a power outage, which calls into question the durability under certain conditions.

Additionally, the fit against the wall was less than perfect, leading to some wobble when interacting with the device.

Despite these drawbacks, the response from gift recipients was overwhelmingly positive, with many appreciating the upgrade to their charging setups.

We believe this outlet extender, with its intelligent design and utility, outweighs its minor imperfections.

If you’re seeking to simplify and consolidate your power and charging needs, this product warrants consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

We often come across some common questions from buyers interested in the Outlet Extender with Night Light by HANYCONY. Let’s address these queries to help you decide if this product fits your needs.

What features do the Outlet Extender with Night Light offer?

The Outlet Extender is quite a versatile accessory for any room. It’s not just an outlet extender; it includes USB charging ports and a night light encircling the device.

During our use, we appreciated the extra space it provided by including five wide-spaced outlets. We found that it could support a variety of chargers and plugs without any overlap—a common issue with standard power strips.

Is the night light feature on the Outlet Extender automatic or manually controlled?

This feature impressed us due to its dual control functionality.

The night light is smart; it can sense the ambient light level and turn on automatically when it’s low—quite handy when we didn’t want to fumble around in the dark.

However, for those who prefer a bit more control, there’s a touch-sensitive sensor allowing manual operation.

We found this flexibility useful for different preferences or needs within our space.

How many additional outlets does the Outlet Extender provide?

With this device, we expanded a single wall socket into a hub with five additional AC outlets.

It’s noteworthy that these outlets are well spaced, letting us plug in multiple bulky adapters without any hassle.

This expansion capability made it indispensable for our workstations where we constantly switch between numerous devices.

Can the Outlet Extender with Night Light support high-power appliances?

While we could use it for various regular appliances, it’s important to note that not all high-power appliances are supported.

Due to the nature of USB ports and standard outlet limitations, one should check their appliance requirements against the extender’s specifications before plugging them in.

However, for everyday devices and electronics, it performed without any hiccups.

Does the Outlet Extender with Night Light have built-in surge protection?

This is a crucial feature that caught our attention.

The Outlet Extender does include surge protection circuits.

We felt more at ease knowing our devices were safe from voltage spikes, thanks to the rapid response and reliable surge protection technology inbuilt.

Additionally, it’s reassuring to see the surge protected indicator light, which confirms active protection.

Is the installation process for the Outlet Extender with Night Light user-friendly?

From our experience, installation is very straightforward. The device comes with a screw and a plastic prong which help securely attach it to both DUPLEX and DECOR outlets.

With no tools required and a simple plug-in mechanism, we had the Outlet Extender up and running in no time at our office and kitchen.

In sum, we’ve addressed some key queries that potential buyers like us might have. This Extender not only illuminates the room softly but also safely powers and charges a multitude of devices.

The thoughtfully spaced outlets and robust surge protection certainly add value. While we missed the stability of a flush fit against the wall, overall, the HANYCONY Outlet Extender met our expectations for a versatile, protective, and convenient power solution.

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